YouTube has become an effective platform for people to earn money. Vloggers and content creators have been able to build a career and earn a living using the platform. Notably, some YouTube creators have found success without showing their faces and have still able to earn a significant amount of money. In this article, we will discuss five YouTube channels that make $100k a month without showing their face. Additionally, we will examine how they have achieved the feat, the methods they use, and provide information about the creator, if available.

  1. The “Gamer” Channel

One highly profitable YouTube channel is dedicated solely to gaming. This mysterious creator has been able to amass a considerable following despite keeping their identity a secret. Retaining anonymity has not in any way hindered the success of this channel. They make use of various video games, from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, to create engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Viewers can learn techniques and tips on how to play better or enjoy watching the gameplay, all without seeing the creator’s face.

  1. The “How To” Channel

Another YouTube channel that has managed to notch up high earnings uses how-to guides. This niche-based channel shows how to do anything to improve the viewer’s life, from simple home remedies to complex DIY projects. They provide detailed instructions and, in some cases, demonstrate the process and offer tips on how to get the perfect results. This channel focuses on the content rather than the creator’s identity, which has helped them to build a loyal fan base.

  1. The “Top Ten” Channel

The next channel on our list is dedicated to creating top ten lists. This mystery creator uses his/her anonymity to create interesting, informative, and fun content. From counting down the top ten weirdest animals to the top ten hidden Easter eggs in movies, the creator offers a fresh perspective on various topics. This channel has gained a substantial following that appreciates the unique way the creator presents their content.

  1. The “News” Channel

Another channel that is thriving on YouTube is solely dedicated to news and current events. This anonymous creator presents the news in an unbiased and straightforward manner, attracting a broad audience. This channel provides breaking news, political analysis, and updates, without the need to show the creator’s face. With so many news channels already in existence, it is impressive that this creator has been able to build a dedicated following.

  1. The “Finance” Channel

Lastly, there is a YouTube channel that makes over $100k a month discussing personal finance. Of course, the creator is anonymous, but they use their expertise and knowledge of finance to provide advice and information to viewers. The creator shares various investment strategies, budgeting tips, and ways to save money, all without revealing their face. With finance being a crucial topic for many people, this channel has been able to appeal to a large audience.


In conclusion, these YouTube channels prove that anonymity does not stand in the way of success. These creators have been able to leverage their knowledge and expertise on specific topics to create engaging and profitable content. Aspiring YouTubers can take cues from these creators, understanding that success is attainable with hard work, experience, and knowledge. It is essential to remember that while making money on YouTube is possible, viewers should exercise caution when following advice. Additionally, it is crucial for creators to verify and personally use any products or links mentioned, and it is important to consider that some channels include affiliate links, and commission may be earned if a product link is clicked. These channels should be watched for educational purposes only.