Recently I came across a video that caught my attention, titled “LIVE $6,900 AI DFY Funnel Setup (Can I Build This Live?)” by Chase Reiner. Being a content writer and an SEO enthusiast, I decided to watch this video and share my review of it. I was intrigued to learn how Chase was able to create a profitable funnel setup live in front of his audience, while incorporating the use of AI technology. Here is my take on the video.

Starting Preparation:

In the beginning, Chase talks about how he already prepared some of the work prior to the live streaming, which was a smart move. He mentions that he has created a welcome email and a couple of follow-up emails for his funnel, which he recommends doing before starting a live setup. This extra bit of preparation is crucial, and it helps to streamline the process of creating a funnel.

Dynamic Nature of the AI:

The segment where Chase talks about using AI in his funnel was exciting. He used an AI-powered tool to automate his follow-up emails and send them to his potential customers at specific intervals. The tool he used could analyze the buying behavior of customers and send personalized emails based on their actions. This is an excellent example of how AI can be used to save time and resources while targeting the right audience.

Creating a Streamlined Funnel:

The next part of the video is where Chase started building the funnel live. He goes through various steps of creating a funnel, from setting up an account with an email service provider to creating a landing page. He also provides tips on how to create a simple but effective landing page and how to boost the conversion rate of the funnel.


In conclusion, “LIVE $6,900 AI DFY Funnel Setup (Can I Build This Live?)” by Chase Reiner is a great video for anyone looking to learn about creating an effective funnel setup. Chase’s use of AI technology was impressive, and he shared some valuable insights on how to create a profitable funnel that can save time and resources while delivering excellent results. His tips on streamlining the funnel creation process were also very helpful. Overall, I highly recommend this video to anyone interested in building a successful funnel setup.

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