With the increasing popularity of video content creation and consumption, businesses are looking for ways to create engaging videos quickly and easily. One of the latest innovations in this regard is D-ID / Chat GPT Text-to-Video services offered by Ai Digital People. In this article, we will review a video created by Chase Reiner that showcases the benefits of D-ID / Chat GPT Text-to-Video for businesses.

How Ai Digital People’s D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video Service Works?

The D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video service from Ai Digital People leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology to create high-quality videos. The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to transform text into video format and makes it easy for businesses to create promotional content.

The primary benefit of this platform is that it offers a quick and easy method to create a video without requiring video editing skills or equipment. The platform is suitable for online product or service promotion and brand awareness.

Benefits of Using Ai Digital People’s D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video Service:

  1. Quick and Easy Content Creation: With D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video services, businesses can create engaging video content quickly and easily. The platform uses AI and Chatbot technology to automate the video creation process, thus cutting down the time required.

  2. High-Quality Video Content: Ai Digital People’s video creation service strives to produce high-quality video content that is engaging and informative. This is achieved through AI-powered tools that enhance the visual and audio aspects of the content.

  3. Suitable for Different Online Platform: The service is suitable for various online platforms, including social media, websites, blogs, and other marketing channels.

  4. Cost-Effective: Ai Digital People’s D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video service is cost-effective, making it an ideal solution for small businesses or individuals who do not have large marketing budgets.

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

Throughout the video, Chase Reiner mentions several tools and resources that are useful for video creation, social media management, and online marketing. These include:

  1. Final Output: An online tool for creating videos from pre-built templates.

  2. D-ID: A service that uses AI technology to anonymize images and videos to protect privacy.

  3. ChatGPT: An AI-powered chatbot that can generate text from a prompt.

  4. Eleven Labs Text to Speech Clone: A software tool that can transform any text into a natural-sounding voice.

  5. CapCut: A mobile app that can edit videos on-the-go.

  6. Buffer: A social media management tool that supports various social media platforms.

  7. Online Jobs: A platform for finding remote work opportunities.

  8. ConvertKit: An email marketing automation tool for bloggers and creators.

Important Disclaimers:

Before investing any time and money into using the Ai Digital People’s D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video service, it is essential to understand certain disclaimers mentioned in the video.

  1. Results Depend on Individual Work Ethic: While the video may promote the idea that one can easily make $3000 per day using the service, this is not a guarantee. The video’s disclaimer states, “Results depend on individual work ethic and there is a risk with any business.”

  2. The Video is for Educational Purposes Only: The content in the video is purely for educational purposes and cannot be construed as legal advice.

  3. The Speaker May Receive Compensation: As mentioned in the video, the speaker may receive compensation for any recommendations made.


Overall, the D-ID and Chat GPT Text-to-Video service from Ai Digital People can offer significant benefits for businesses looking to create video content without spending too much time or money. The video created by Chase Reiner succinctly showcases the various aspects of the platform, allowing viewers to understand its capabilities and how it can help their businesses. However, it is essential to understand the disclaimers made in the video before investing in the platform.