Are you tired of tirelessly trying to close a sale with potential leads in your online business? Do the words ‘conversion funnel’ give you anxiety because you don’t have the expertise in that area? What if there was an all-in-one solution to all your struggles? Enter AI and ChatGPT’s DFY Closing Service, where you can make up to $7,500 in any niche with minimal effort. In this article, we’ll explore how you can utilize this service to increase your sales conversions.

What is DFY Closing Service?

DFY Closing Service stands for ‘Done For You Closing Service’, where the AI and ChatGPT system take the leads generated by the user and handle the entire sales process until the sale is closed. In simpler terms, it’s an automated conversion funnel! This service is suited for those marketers who have leads but lack the expertise in closing sales or those who want to focus on generating leads and outsource the sales process.

How does it work?

The AI generates custom-made content such as emails, Landing Pages, and follow-up sequences specifically for the user’s potential clients. The ChatGPT system then provides a full-funnel view by engaging with these potential clients through conversations, answering their queries, and providing them with relevant information. This process leads to a higher chance of closing a sale and ultimately increasing revenue.

Getting started with the DFY Closing Service:

With a high-level 30-day free trial, users can easily set up their funnel and start generating leads. The AI generates content through two methods: Shine Ranker and AI-generated content. Shine Ranker analyzes the top-ranked content in the user’s niche and generates relevant content for the user. The AI-generated content uses complex algorithms to generate unique content for the user’s specific niche.

Generating revenue with the DFY Closing Service:

The DFY Closing Service can be used for two purposes: selling the service itself or referring it to other clients and generating a commission. With this service, users can save time and resources, as well as increase their sales conversions without the need for expertise in the funnel process.


The DFY Closing Service is a great solution for those marketers who have leads but lack the knowledge or time to manage the sales process. With AI and ChatGPT’s system, the entire process is automated, from lead generation to closing the sale, allowing users to focus on generating more leads for their business. Although there isn’t any guarantee of earning potential, the service provides an excellent opportunity for those willing to learn and succeed.